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Our Philosophy

We make drinks that you WANT to drink using simple ingredients that you can pronounce.

It sounds simple, right? But do you water down your sports drink because it is too sweet? This is one of the biggest complaints we hear from athletes with other drinks on the market, "they are too sweet." At Vite we have realized this and it was the inspiration behind our original product VITE HYDRATION. Our hydration drink is clean and clear as water. When a sports drink is not too sweet, you get ALL of the electrolytes and not just some watered down version.

We believe that when a drink tastes good then you will drink more of it and also stay more hydrated. That is why you will find that our products are very lightly flavored.  This is not because we use less essential ingredients, it is because we only use ingredients which will not overpower your taste buds.  It is our recipe of simple ingredients that gives you everything you need for performance without all the extra chemicals and artificial ingredients you can't pronounce.

Our Products

Vite Charge

A super hydration formula to be used BEFORE long or high intensity events/exercise in hot conditions. This is not a product intended for everyone, but for certain athletes and certain conditions it is essential. Charge is not intended to be used during exercise, only before.

Vite Hydration

A natural sports drink powder mix made with organic ingredients. It has been custom designed for the extreme demands of endurance athletes. Vite Hydration is ideal for triathletes, cyclists, and runners.  Basically anyone who sweats should have Vite in their bottle.

Vite Restore

 A natural protein recovery drink mix made with organic ingredients. The goal of this product is to restore and build lean muscle while also speeding recovery after training. Only 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate and ingredients that you can pronounce are used. 

the Vite Ride

redifining the Coffee Ride

the Vite Ride

redifining the Coffee Ride


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What does Vite mean?

Vite is pronounced [veet], like the word meet but with the letter V. In French the word Vite means "quick". The idea behind our original product Vite Hydration was to be able to quickly hydrate and replenish your body during endurance activities.