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Protein intake during endurance activites

We get asked the question sometimes...

"Why is there no protein in Vite Hydration? Other products on the market use Protein in their sports drinks, why don't you?"

Well it's simple actually...

It's kinda like Pumpkin, there is no benefit to adding Pumpkin to a Hydration product so we don't.

Consuming protein during endurance activities provides no benefit in performance. In fact, most testing and studies shows that it has a direct correlation to GI issues.

At Vite, we have three core products:Each of these products are unique and intentional in their objective for optimal performance. Therefore, we don't include protein in our Hydration drink to avoid GI issues during exercise and to guarantee superior hydration.


During exercise, protein is not easily digestible and will tend to sit in your gut. This can slow the absorption of electrolytes and carbohydrates which are needed to replenish glycogen stores. Not only that, but from a hydration perspective ingesting too many calories during exercise can actually de-hydrate you.

Joe Friel is probably one of the most well known and trusted endurance sports coach in the world. Check out his article here for more details on this subject:

Vite Restore

If you are looking for protein it should be in the form of recovery taken after endurance activity. That is why we have a product specifically targeted at recovery which has all the protein and amino acids your body requires. Five ingredients and using one of the highest quality Whey on the market from GrassFed cows. Did we mention it is also virtually lactose free when paired with almond milk. To learn more about Vite Restore, click here.
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Jeremy Schwab

Dad to two boys, Cycling Coach, USAC Cat2 Road Racer, and Chief Bottle Washer @ Vite Nutrition.