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Vite Hydration

VITE was created to provide hydration and not just carbohydrates.  We believe that athletes should be getting the majority of their calories and carbohydrates from real food.

Our hydration products are a 4% solution (4g carbs per 100ml).  This ratio of sugars and sodium is designed specifically to push as much fluid into the blood as quickly as possible.  The goal is maxium fluid absorption which means quick (VITE) hydration and not trying to fuel your body by drinking too many carbohydrates.

The main idea behind VITE is to optimize this fluid absorption inside your small intestines, so you can become better hydrated. We do this by making the concentration of our drink lower than that of the blood. The osmolality of blood plasma is normally in the range of 285-290mOsm (milli-osmoles), assuming you are sufficiently hydrated. Therefore, we want our sports drinks to be below 280mOsm.

Lower osmolality drinks are recommended during exercise for optimal fluid absorption, as water gets pulled into the cells quickly.  Taste and GI comfort in most cases is better with these type of solutions.

On the contrary, drinks with a high osmolality are less ideal as little water movement occurs between solutions which are equally concentrated. When water movement out of the cells occurs with a beverage that is too concentrated, the solution tends to sit in the stomach longer which can lead to nausea, bloating and other GI issues.

We use the proper ratio of sugars and sodium to control this.  For example, D-Glucose (dextrose) replenishes muscle glycogen directly. Sugar must be stored in the liver first before it replenishes muscle glycogen so it is important to have the right ratio.

For electrolytes we only use citrate based products.  For example, the sodium is a citrate and can be processed by your body in larger doses without GI distress. 

For flavoring we only use organic fruit powder.  That is why you will sometimes find trace amounts of "floating stuff" in our products because it is real fruit and not some chemical designed to taste like fruit.

In addition, we do NOT use any maltodextrin, fructose, or artificial sweetners which can also cause GI distress.

Vite Restore

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Product Comparison

The closest products on the market are OSMO and SKRATCH which are great products also. The idea is to DRINK your hydration and EAT real food.  VITE uses similar ingredients to these popular products to provide a low osmolality.  However, VITE has a very light flavor which most people tend to prefer.  Endurance athletes especially prefer the taste because when you are drinking multiple bottles of a sports drink, the lighter flavor makes it easier on your stomach and taste buds.  And to top it off, VITE is half the price of most other products.  Same quality, same science, but less marketing and packaging.

The table below provides a comparison of the most popular products on the market.  Both Powdered Drink Mix and Hydration Tablets were used for the comparison.  All data is based off the manufacturer's website.

Nutrition per 20oz bottle

As you can see from the table above, there are many products on the market which are using maltodextrin, fructose, sorbitol, and other artificial sugars.  Vite only uses Dextrose (D-Glucose) and Cane Sugar (sucrose) which your body can process very quickly without having to worry about stomach problems.  We keep the carb% low, just giving your body exactly what it needs.  Simple, all natural, organic ingredients without all the extra sugar and carbohydrates.